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In January 2010, Andy Phillips and Dan Borowski founded the firm on one central vision - to help local governments and businesses provide the highest quality services and products in the most effective manner.  The firm has since grown to seven attorneys, combining seasoned, top-tier attorneys with younger talent, giving Phillips Borowski unparalleled ability to best serve our clients.   Unlike any other law firm in the state, Phillips Borowski has created a business model where each and every Phillips Borowski lawyer advances the vision of the firm and stands ready to assist you.  Our model does not rely upon partners to generate clients and associates to perform the work - that is outdated and takes focus off the overall client relationship.  Instead, we expend tremendous resources in ensuring all of our attorneys are able to help meet our clients' needs.

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We represent the board and management's interest in public sector labor, employment, litigation, business and organizational matters.  For counties and school districts, this means we work with the administrators and policy makers to ensure that the organization's objectives are appropriately preserved. Our creativity often leads to big picture strategic solutions.  If we think a problem requires a collaborative solution, we will bring several of our clients together to discuss the issues.  This approach has led to the creation of many collaborative entities that were borne of a desire for efficiency and a mutual dedication to service.  We are incredibly proud of our track record in intergovernmental cooperation.

If you think that Wisconsin counties and municipalities should operate in today’s complex environment based upon a 1950s style organizational model, read no further – you’re not going to like what we do. We are out to help our public sector clients fundamentally change the way they do business.


Phillips Borowski, in fact, has been the statewide leader in counseling local governments on the changing organizational landscape in the post-Act 10 world. We have helped our clients reorganize their business structure, redesign personnel work rules, create administrative handbooks and overhaul personnel systems. We have successfully defended employment-related claims brought in state and federal courts as well as under municipal government grievance procedures.

Wisconsin schools have shown a consistent ability to move beyond yesterday and innovate for tomorrow – from slide rules to calculators, textbooks to tablets and school houses to virtual classrooms. Recently, schools have found the freedom to make decisions and innovate in areas they could not in the past – areas such as compensation, health insurance, performance evaluations, personnel relations and work rules. What was once “if only we could,” is now “we can.”


Phillips Borowski provides their school district clients with a process-driven, business approach to assist them in transforming the overall educational environment, whether the issues relate to personnel, student discipline, infrastructure or contracting. We get excited when our school district clients tell us that they need help in breaking the mold so that students get additional instructional time or that a business wants to partner on a new course offering.


With Phillips Borowski, solutions are not found in templates or forms but by unleashing the experience and expertise of the talented administrative personnel charged with delivering educational services to our children and our communities. It is only through this innovative and creative approach that school districts will be able to move beyond yesterday, to tomorrow.

The firm’s very foundation is built on helping clients think outside the box and pushing the envelope. Our passion lies in helping government do what it always wanted to do, but was unable. We help our clients with innovative efforts designed to provide efficient services designed to benefit the consumer of services. We have been instrumental in creating a public/private model for implementation of long term care program redesign, providing a means by which counties could cooperatively share resources for nursing homes and forming a joint powers authority designed to streamline the multi-jurisdictional financing process, just to name a few. In short, there is no other firm that understands the legal issues and barriers associated with consolidation and collaboration and brings the experience, expertise and resources needed to achieve results.


It is sometimes said that there is no substitute for experience.  We have to agree!  Phillips Borowski attorneys have the experience and expertise that businesses need.  Our skills have been developed representing clients, large and small, over many years in virtually every sector of our economy.  We have the sophistication, experience and sensitivity necessary for negotiating successful deals with Fortune 500 corporations or with companies and governmental units of whatever size.  Our experience and expertise in private business is vast: from labor and employment issues, to purchasing and selling of goods and services, to corporate structure and organization to business strategy.   Our business attorneys are not just experienced counselors; some of our attorneys have "real world" business experience working for major corporation and main street businesses.  Other Phillips Borowski attorneys have developed the invaluable knowledge of client matters that can only be obtained by working as in-house counsel.  This experience gives our attorneys a perspective that allows us to be better advisors for your business.  This experience makes us better lawyers.   We believe that it is time for business to break down the barriers to innovation and in aggressive pursuit of its business interests.  Allow Phillips Borowski to be your legal partner as part of the strategic process.

All businesses invest a significant sum on personnel. There’s no good manufacturer or service delivery organization that does not have a talented person or group of talented people behind it responsible for meeting a customer’s demands. Ensuring that personnel strategy and decision-making processes mesh with the overall strategy of obtaining the optimum return on the investment in personnel requires commitment and a solid legal team for support.


We have experienced attorneys who defend employment claims in an efficient and effective manner. With Phillips Borowski, the days of simply paying claims to avoid expense are a thing of the past. We work with our business clients to create a culture of success – we help our clients and their employees focus on the bottom line.


Our experience in private business labor and employment law extends well beyond employment litigation. We handle employment contracts, wage and hour issues, discipline, investigations, policies and procedures development, compliance and confidentiality agreements – the list goes on. The tangled world of employment law has become increasingly complex for all private businesses no matter their size. State and federal laws and regulations govern virtually every aspect of the employment relationship. You do not need to address this complex world alone. Phillips Borowski can provide you with the answers and guide you through the complexities of labor and employment laws and regulations.

First and foremost, we help businesses take a proactive approach to managing legal risk. We recognize and embrace the fact that effective legal guidance on the front end avoids or minimizes legal concerns before they develop into more costly problems. Nonetheless, litigation may at times be inevitable and at other times a necessary component of an overall commercial strategy. When litigation is necessary, we provide thorough and relentless advocacy of our clients’ rights.





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