How Do You Dress a Baby If You Do Not Know What Sex to Expect?

Every parent, especially those who are going through this the first time, puts a great deal of emphasis on the child’s gender and how that impacts everything from clothing choices to bedroom design. And with clothing, it’s really impossible for us to tell what sex the baby is less the clothing itself gives some sign. This is especially true when they are quite young.

It’s not uncommon for parents to rush right out and buy all the pink or baby blue clothing that they can find as soon as they find out what the sex of their baby is going to be. But that can be a problem for those expectant parents who really don’t want to know ahead of time what gender their baby will be. It might sound surprising that there are still people who prefer not to know in advance, but it happens, and it may actually be a trend that is growing.

Some expecting couples want to preserve the thrill for the actual day of birth, or maybe the technician performing the ultrasound just was not able to get the right picture and there’s no way to be certain. Whichever is the case, you can’t have a baby leave the hospital without clothing being ready, so some shopping has to be done upfront. And you probably don’t want to buy a ton of clothing ahead of time for one sex only to find out that there was a mistake during the procedure, and you’ve got exactly the opposite gender! Don’t laugh.

It definitely happens!. When that occurs, you either got some fast returns to make at the store or you’ll be scrambling to convince people that little Johnny is only going to wear pink temporarily.

Unless, of course you went out of your way to buy gender-neutral clothing. Some people call this unisex, but what you can count on is that there are tons of options that don’t have anything to do with traditionally girly or boyish colors. There are plenty of whites and grays that make up absolutely cute, comfortable outfits for newborns. And while pink and blue are spoken for, plenty of other pastel colors can be worn without subliminally passing on the message that the baby is one sex or the other!. Everything from onesies for babies to full outfits can be worn by any kid without issue. And then, after you know the babies sex, you will be able to decide if you want to go down that pink or blue road entirely.

Moat people will want to buy either primarily girl clothes or primarily boy clothes for their new baby, so it’s safe to just buy a few gender neutral looks to start with and then go from there once the baby is born.

Take a look at the Gerber website for some ideas. You’ll find traditional boys and girls attire, but you will also find planning for the parent who doesn’t know what to expect. Or, if you just don’t want to deliver any message when you dress your newborn, there are absolutely lovely outfits available that don’t have anything to do with gender.